Dream League Soccer 2023

DLS 2023 MOD APK is the ultimate and advanced version of Dream League Soccer 2023 where you can play the game with completely unlocked features that you never played in the official Dream League Soccer 2023. The hole Football world love to play Football in their mobile device and for that Dream League Soccer 2023 MOD APK is the only best option. This game offers such all the facilities which you can find in the real life Football such as real life environment with full of crowd in stadium and chanting for players. Play all the real life tournaments including club level and national level for your favorite club and country. Dream League Soccer offers more than 4,000 qualified athletes with current FIFPRO licenses which you can make your own. Not only that make your own dream team from world’s best clubs including Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester City, Liverpool, Bayern Munich, and more others. However, want to play DLS 2023 MOD APK masterpiece on your device then get it from here.


Package NameDream League Soccer 2023
PublisherFirst Touch Games Ltd.
Size550 MB
Latest Version10.230
Available onPlay Store

Custom Team Building

Player Development

Single-Player Campaign

Multiplayer Mode

Realistic Gameplay

Regular Updates

What is DLS 2023 MOD APK?

DLS 2023 MOD APK is a modified version of official Dream League Soccer 2023 which bring you such exclusive features. The official game you can find on the Google Play Store but this one of modified so you can’t find it… You have to download the game from here. If you wish to play the DLS 2023 with all features unlocked then this is the one and only option for you. This DLS 2023 MOD APK will bring you an Unlocked Menu where you have to on the menu so that you can enjoy the game with so many unlocked features. Get very useful unlocked menu features which will make your gameplay less difficult such as No Foul, Unlimited Substitution, Freeze Players, Stupid Enemy, including more. In short the DLS MOD APK is a completely unlocked games as compare to the official game. Play the game with your favorite players across worldwide.





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Dream League Soccer 2023 is a best game for playing Football in your smartphone which was developed by the First Touch Games Ltd. in the Jan 14, 2020. From day one this game become so much popular across worlds all Football lovers and they are crazy about playing the game. The DLS provide real life experience for Football where you can play with all the facilities which exist in the Football world out there. You can create your own football team with your favorite Football club where you can unlock all the professional Footballer from all over the world. Dream League Soccer 2023 has real life tournaments to play such UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, FIFA Club World Cup and also others. Enjoy the real life Football matches virtually in this game with 3D graphics and real life stadium environment with full of crowd.

Build The Ultimate Team

Build The Ultimate Team

Building a Football team is very easy, but the thing is to build a perfect team for winning matches it takes lots of Football knowledge because you have to chose right players. First you have to select a coach who will manage your team and players properly just like real life coach does substitutions and other things. Dream League Soccer 2023 offers such all the professional coaches from all over the world, but the thing is you have to unlock them. The game has more than 4,000+ licensed football players which you can unlock to play as your team player including worlds all best players just like G.O.A.T Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Robert Lewandowski, Karim Benzema, Paulo Dybala, Di Maria, etc. In short sing all best players from all over the world with a world-class coach and make your dream team and dominate the club football in the game.

Play Multiplayer Mode

Without multiplayer mode in Football game it’s gonna be so boring for players, otherwise player will tedious of playing daily same with computers. But the thing is it’s for other football games because DLS has multiplayer mode where you can enjoy lots of challenges with players and opponents. Dream League Soccer 2023 support 3 type of multiplayer mode including Friends Match, Dream League LIVE, Local Wi-Fi. In the Local Wi-Fi you have to connect to the same Wi-Fi which your friend also connected so that you can play against your friends in real time. With Dream League LIVE multiplayer mode you can compete against friends or other players and strive for victory on the global leaderboard. In short playing multiplayer mode your gameplay will be more strong and powerful so that you can play competitive gameplay against others.

Play Multiplayer Mode
Professional Coaches To Develop Players

Professional Coaches To Develop Players

Did you know that? To make a successful Football club in the high level there are so much contribution for your team coach and manger. Basically coaches teach how to play Football really well and manager manage players about the game plan. So basically if you want to create a best Football club you have to sing a very good coach who can train your players with new skills and moves. Not only that even coach train players to which formation to play against competitive teams. Football has so many lineup and formation which can be defensive formation and attacking formation. So if you want to create your team so strong then sing a best coach from Dream League Soccer 2023. DLS has all the best coach from all over the world. There are 3 type of coach available just like Goalkeeping Coach, Fitness Coach, Technical Coach. So sing them and create the best Football team in the world in DLS.

Skill Moves and Special Abilities

For becoming the best Footballer all you need well fit and you have to know best skills with amazing abilities. If you look at world’s best Footballer then you will be known that they have incredible skills which no one has and that’s the main thing that players should learn. So the same way to play DLS in competitive level you have to learn all the best skills which are available in the Dream League Soccer 2023. There are lots of skills and movements available in this game such as Heading, Scorpion Kick. Bicycle Kick, Roullete, Feint, Rainbow Flick, and also others. If you learn these skills then you can control the ball easily in front of every player. Along with you will learn quick recoveries ball from opponents. One of the best skills is Bicycle Kick which you can do in DLS… and to do Bicycle Kick just double-tap on the screen when the ball is in the air. In conclusion the best thing how fast you will be learned skills and abilities so that you can be the best DLS player.

Skill Moves and Special Abilities
In-Depth Training System

In-Depth Training System

One of the best features in Dream League Soccer 2023 is the in-depth training system where you can train your players with help of your coach. In this training system you can do fitness training for players with help of fitness coach so that your players will be more stronger and fit to face hardest opponents. Along with train your players for more technical against all players and for technical training there are Technical Coaches also available. Those who are defense players of your team make them more fit than others because they are the only player who will protect the scoreboard against your team. In short DLS has awesome in-depth training system with so many facilities for your team players.

Conquer The Football World

Football is all about competition with other teams like you have to dominate in each of the matches otherwise you can’t be good in the world leaderboard. So if you want to create the best Football team in the world of Dream League Soccer 2023 then you have to sing best players. Always show the DLS world that you have the best team in this game and always dominate the game. Win each of the tournaments and league and win so many trophies as you can. So if you want to become the best player of DLS then you have to always conquer the football world with your best gameplay.

Conquer The Football World
Best Graphics and Designs

Best Graphics and Designs

There are lots of Football games available for smartphone but have you ever thought why people love to play the DLS most. So the thing is Dream League Soccer 2023 always offer best graphics where you can feel the real life playing experience in the stadium. This game has real time commentary which make you feel that you are playing in the real stadium. DLS provide 3D graphics with incredible visual and best effects. When you will be playing a match you can feel the environment of the stadium with full of crowd and chanting. Dream League Soccer 2023 always gives you the feel of playing football in the stadium with best players. So enjoy your gameplay every time like you have experienced never before.

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Those all reasons make this game make much more popular, And build your dream team from over 4,000 FIFPRO™ licensed players.


As you have read early where we have explained the features of the Dream League Soccer 2023 version. Well, we also suggest you to please read the mod version below before you download the DLS 23 Mod from here. Because we believe you should also know which version you are going to play and what you’ll get from this Mod version.

Unlimited Coins & Diamonds

This is one of the most DLS game player’s requested features with unlimited coins and diamonds. But the saddest thing about DLS Mod it’s not possible to play with unlimited coins, because this is the major resource of this game which is handled by the official online server. And that’s why we can’t play this game with overtaking the original server and overwriting the permission. But as per the current time, we offer the DLS 21 version with unlimited coins features which you can play for fun and entertainment. Well, you may see there are lots of websites that clam to give you unlimited coins, but it’s totally fake scam versions, So we highly recommend you don’t download those fake APKs from unknown sources.

Legends Players Unlocked

When you become a fan of the football universe when you’ll know all those legendary players and their strengths and weakness. The fun fact is DLS 23 allows players to create and manage their own football team. So if you have much knowledge about players then you can choose them for your own team, but first you have to unlock them by spending coins or diamonds. Well, the rules are reveres in this Mod version of DLS 23 APK, where you can unlock all Legends players for free in one click. And this way you can make your own strong team and play a perfect match. But you need to note that playing this Mod version breaks the game rules which can be banned your account, so it’s only recommended to play offline.

Mega Menu

Menu Mod is a customized added feature that allows you to play them as per your wish like everything you can do through the game like Freeze Players, Unlimited Energy and Substitution, Reset Goals, Unlock Custom Kits and Logos, Unlock Formations, disable ads, etc. This work like a tool that allow you to do those activities as per your wish. And using this menu Mod features you can predict what can be happened in next, and again this is only for made for experiment purposes only. There are multiple Mod menu features has in this game, but let’s know about the most useful and loved ones:

No Ads

DLS game with being subjected to advertisements which you can also remove the ads after purchasing a paid subscription. This is one of the most popular monetization models for every free to play game, including DLS. But if you would like to play this game without Ads for free to without any interruptions caused by advertisements then you can try our provided Modded version latest DLS 23 version to play this game without any Ads for free. Without ads, you can play the game in a smooth and uninterrupted flow, which will improve your gameplay experience too. Also, you need to note, this game is only made for experiment and test purposes which you should play for a short time only (otherwise, playing this game may get banned).

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Friendly Asked Question

What is DLS?

Dream League Soccer is a 3D high graphics mobile video game which has available for Android and iOS which is also known as DLS. These game developers change the game name as per the current years like this 2023, and now it’s known as DLS 23. This game is developed by UK-based mobile game company First Touch Games Ltd.

Is DLS Batter Then FIFA Football Game?

If you are a real football lover, then you’ll love to play both games with their realistic graphics and online gameplay. But if you have low-end Android device then it’s recommended to play DLS 23 which is spicily made for every Android device, even you can play offline matches as well.

Can I Play DLS Mod in My Computer?

Yes, you can definitely play this DLS 23 Mod on your Windows PC or laptop using an emulator tool, yes there are various emulator tools available for free. You can install this Android game on your PC throw the emulator. After installing an emulator on your PC you just have to download the APK file and installed it, and enjoy.

What are the Features of DLS Mod APK?

DLS 23 Mod is a modified or custom version of the original DLS 23 game where we have added features like Unlimited Energy, Stupid Enemy, Unlock Custom Kits, No ADS, etc. yes, you can play the game with those amazing features on your Android device without using any tool or app. You just have to install and play online or offline as you wish (Offline Play, recommend).

Is it Possible to Play DLS Mod With Unlimited Money?

Technically, it’s not possible to play DLS 23 with unlimited money, because this is an online server-based game that help peoples to play this game in multiple mode with real-time gameplay. But you can play DLS 21 with features like unlimited money unlocked players, etc in offline mode.

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I know lots of people’s diehard fans of football and if you are also one of them then let’s have a game with your Android device with one of the most popular soccer Dream League Soccer mobile video games. And if you can read in this page we have discussed all about the game and its features. Even I would also like to DLS is a most active mobile soccer game which allows you to play online and offline in both situations, but online it allows you to play a real-time match with other global players. Well, we have built this DLS 23 Mod version for those who are really obsessed with this video soccer game and want to explore more about this game. Because provided game has added many custom features which you can enjoy with your Android device for free, and have fun with lots of custom features. A small announcement for every DLS lover, please stay with us for upcoming event news and more amazing updates.

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